What are the best alternatives to ChatGPT ?

With several hundred million daily users, ChatGPT is the most used bot without context. This success does not come without consequences, however. In fact, it is becoming more and more common to experience slow performance due to overloaded servers. Sometimes, Internet users are faced with a complete shutdown of services or a refusal to create new accounts. If you are having trouble with this bot, the best solution is to prefer weaker alternatives. Discover them through this short guide.


To replace ChatGPT, nothing better than the MychatbotGPT text generator. The first advantage it presents compared to the OpenAI tool is that the user does not even need to register before having access to it. The bot also has a good interface and is easy to use. You can see the publisher's website to judge for yourself.

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Note that it is also very functional. It can be used to hold a conversation on various topics, from history to science, including sport and culture. It can also be useful for translating text in many languages, for text summaries. From this bot, you can also directly access MyImageGPT, an image generator.

Google Bard

To replace ChatGPT, also plan to opt for Google Bard. If you find ChatGPT's time limit very restrictive, this Google AI assistant is perfect for you. Unlike the OpenAI bot, this one is connected to the web. He can therefore write on current topics.

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Also called Gemini, Google Bard also offers other interesting additional features. To begin with, voice entry of your queries is possible. The Google Lens functionality also allows the tool to provide information about an image. It is therefore an interesting option to consider.

Bing Chat

After Google, Microsoft is the other big company that offers its AI solution with Bing Chat. Also called Microsoft Copilot, this conversational bot allows you to do everything you can do with GPT.

It must be said that this tool is based on OpenAI’s GPT language model. Thanks to Bing Chat, users can also have free access to the GPT-4 version, which is not possible without a premium subscription with ChatGPT.

Like Google Bard, Microsoft Copilot has Internet access. He also has the particularity of directly citing the sources of his answers, which GPT still lacks. It can also help generate images. Its flaw lies in the limited number of requests per day per specific conversation.

Jasper Cat

The last alternative that we present to you is Jasper Chat. It has a user-friendly interface and has many advanced features. Unlike ChatGPT, you do not have problems with saturated servers and slowness with this bot. If you are looking for a bot to chat with, you can count on this one. It also takes into account 29 languages.

To benefit from this bot, however, you must be ready to make a premium subscription. Before that, take advantage of a 5-day free trial, even if you have to enter your banking details to access it.